The CGFM scholarship was established to provide financial reimbursement to Greater Lansing AGA Chapter members who have successfully completed all three CGFM examinations and have been awarded the CGFM designation. It is to provide an incentive to those considering becoming Certified Financial Managers by reimbursing certain qualified expenses related to the cost of preparing for and taking the examination.

CGFM Scholarship Request Process

  1. Successfully complete the CGFM certification process
  2. Provide the following items:
    • Proof of receiving CGFM
    • Copies of receipts for expenses which entail:
      • Study courses, classes, study guides, or software programs
      • Hotel & travel costs for intensive review courses sponsored by AGA
      • Exam and application fees
    • Letter explaining:
      • Why you decided to pursue the CGFM credential
      • What you gained through the process of becoming certified
      • How you think the CGFM will benefit you
  3. Mail complete package to the Greater Lansing Chapter of AGA to the attention for the CGFM scholarship Committee at PO Box 12159, Lansing, MI, 48909-2159.

The Board sets the maximum reimbursement amount which is currently a $500.00 scholarship. Payment is subject to change based on availability of funds and Scholarship Committee recommendation. Scholarship application letters may be used in promotion of the scholarship and CGFM.


updated 3/4/20