Know the Benefits

Professionals join AGA for a myriad of reasons:

  • to keep up-to-date on news and developments in the profession...
  • to gain access to a variety of inexpensive continuing professional education offerings...
  • to move forward in their careers...
  • to build personal networks...

Whatever their initial reason for joining was, they now know that they are part of a tremendous national network of nearly 15,000 professionals working to advance government accountability. If you have not already become a member, keep reading to find out why you should!

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10 Great Reasons to Join AGA

10. Keep up with the Latest Developments

AGA uses its base as the collective voice for government financial managers to help shape legislation in close consultation with government entities. AGA works to strengthen government accounting and reporting systems and to enhance the productivity of the financial management process.

9. Save Money

It's true - your AGA membership can help you save money. Your membership in AGA entitles you to significant savings on registration fees for conferences, workshops and courses, as well as AGA periodicals and training materials. So you can keep current - without breaking the bank.

8. Stop Reinventing the Wheel

Learn from your colleagues who have dealt with the same issue or problem you're facing. The more than AGA members come from every level of government financial management. The collective wisdom and experience of these colleagues from around the country gives you a solid base of real-world knowledge and experience. As an AGA member, you can draw from this reservoir of experience!

7. Make New Friends and Important Professional Contacts

Your local AGA Chapter puts you in contact with other financial management professionals in the area. You'll get the chance to participate in social events, business meetings and educational seminars with other professionals who understand your concerns. Your AGA membership means you're part of a tremendous nationwide network.

6. Be Represented by an Industry Leader

AGA represents every level of government fiscal management through its network of elected chapter officers, Regional Vice Presidents and national executives who maintain contact with senior officials and other decision-makers whose actions affect government financial managers. AGA serves as the singular voice for its thousands of members and other professionals involved in all levels of government financial management.

5. Build Your Leadership Skills...

And your professional reputation. How? Active participation in your local AGA Chapter and AGA National Committees can lead to important volunteer leadership positions within AGA. NOW is the time to get your career on the fast track!

4. Sharpen Your Professional Skills

In today's busy society, everyone knows it is harder than ever to keep up with the latest financial management advances...know who's doing what...and how. One way you can have regular access to the latest information--and build your professional network at the same time--is by attending AGA seminars, conferences, and local chapter educational activities. It is the best opportunity you have to keep on keeping up...and as a member, you're assured of hearing about all the conferences and meetings well in advance.

3. Save Money

It is not a mistake: we put this in twice because we wanted to make sure you noticed this great benefit. In addition to the great savings on a range of exciting professional development opportunities, your AGA membership entitles you to special savings on a range of personal services. An important AGA membership advantage is that eligible members may request coverage in the highly competitive AGA Term Life Insurance Program, Long Term Disability Insurance or both. And an Exclusive AGA MasterCard can be yours. The program offers members premium Gold and Silver MasterCard's with high credit lines and valuable discounts for today's busy professional. Plus, receive member discount rates and specials on rental cars in AGA's Member program through Alamo. Click here to see more details on these great cost saving benefits.

2. Earn the Recognition You Deserve

You've put a lot of hard work into getting where you are today. Enhance your credentials as a government financial manager by choosing to have your unique skills and knowledge recognized through professional certification in AGA's Certified Government Financial Manager (CGFM) designation. The CGFM designation offers considerable benefits to you personally and the government financial management community you serve.

1. Get a Head Start on Your Career

Make valuable contacts. Meet your peers. Keep up your education. Build a professional network. Learn new skills. Learn from the leaders. Don't waste another valuable minute. Now is the time to join the Association of Government Accountants! But do it soon, so you won't miss out on any of these great benefits!