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The foundation of the CGFM is the requirement for Education, Experience and Examination. Building on this foundation are a Code of Ethics and required Continuing Professional Education.

This designation is already recognized as a professional standard. Since the 2001 federal legislation authorizing federal government agencies to use appropriated funds to pay for expenses to obtain professional credentials, three agencies including the Department of Defense and twelve of its components, have issued formal professional certification policies, with other agencies soon to follow suit. The CGFM designation is listed as one of the funded certifications.

To date, seven states have formally recognized the CGFM - Idaho, Mississippi, Missouri, Maine, Tennessee, Virginia and Washington. Also, various counties, including Contra Costa county in California, and cities, including Topeka, KS, have also formally recognized the CGFM. Each year, more federal agencies and state and local governments are realizing the value of the CGFM and are formally embracing the designation.

The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) Board of Regents has also recognized the CGFM. It is accepted as a waiver for part IV of the CIA examination.

CGFM - Background

  • Begun in 1994 by AGA
  • Created by government financial management experts
  • Over 14,000 CGFM certifications awarded
  • CGFM addresses special knowledge needs of today's government financial manager
  • CGFM provides first certification broad enough to cover the entire field of government financial management

Examination Requirement

  • 3 computer based examinations
  • 115 questions per examination
  • Two hours and fifteen minutes for each examination
  • Examination 1 - Governmental Environment
  • Examination 2 - Governmental Accounting, Financial Reporting and Budgeting
  • Examination 3 - Governmental Financial Management and Control

Education Requirement

  • Bachelor or higher degree, with at least 24 hours of courses concentrated in financial management or related topics

Experience Requirement

  • Two years of professional level experience in the government financial management field

Professional Certification Summary

  • CGFM is the mark of professional excellence
  • CGFM is transferable across agencies and government levels, public, private and non-profit sectors
  • Your agency may change, your job may change, but your CGFM, like a college degree, remains constant

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